About Us

Who Are We?

OnlinePhysio.app is an entirely online service offering rehabilitation programmes and advice to patients all over the world. We provide free injury assessments which allows us to target specific rehabilitation programmes, exercise videos, blog posts and information sheets to help our patients make the fastest, most effective recovery possible.

How Does Our Assessment Work?

Our free online injury assessment has been designed by an incredible IT company and works entirely automatically through an algorithm that took until the end of time to get right! It takes all of the information you enter and works out your most likely injury. This is based on a number of variables such as your job (what daily activities you might be undertaking), your symptoms (what hurts and where), your movement (what movements are painful and what might be causing that), along with some specific, special medical tests along with a lot of other information that might appear irrelevant at first.

We then provide suggestions on what rehabilitation programme might suit you best. Each programme is jam packed with information. They include information about your specific injury - what causes it, what you can do to manage the pain etc. It has tips and tricks on how to remain positive and focused, it has a pain and progress tracker to make sure you are accountable for your progress, as well as obviously having a progressive exercise programme for you to complete daily.

Our Programmes

The daily exercises in each of our programmes is entirely specific to the injury, and no one programme will be the same because each injury requires specialised, individual advice and exercise prescription.

They all vary in length too. Some work through different phases of rehabilitation dependant on where you are in your recovery - for example an ACL injury might require you to progress through your rehabilitation step by step from getting out of the operating theatre, to stepping back onto the football pitch. It just wouldn't be effective to give you 10 exercises to complete between day 1 and day 300! Whereas a lower back pain programme might be more targeted towards improving improving your mobility which could take a more consistent approach where you may have to complete the same exercises over time to allow the muscles and other connective tissue to adapt and improve.

Your Therapist

Our lead therapist, Arun Gray BSc MSc has worked in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. He has written more programmes than we would even be able to predict. His vast experience with an eclectic range of people from elite international athletes to bed-bound patients combined with a real passion for improving the daily lives of a wide range of people produces nothing but positive results.

The nature of our online service allows our team to reach people in Sydney, New York and London in the same hour - not many people can say they are changing the lives of people in different continents at the same time can they?! And that's what motivates us to keep going. We're only a small business, run by an even smaller team but our ambition and goals are huge.

We Were Made For You

We really were created with our patients in mind. We love nothing more than to hear about your stories. How you because injured, what your journey has been like, even if you have any rehab tips that have really helped you and you think will help some of our other patients!

We would love to keep in touch with you, if you work with us or not. You can find us all over the internet - through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We try and get as much free content out there through our social media channels as possible, again because our main aim is to help people. Please follow us and let us know your story!